–Here’s the main question:

Would you rather be a burden to others in a crisis, or would you rather be able to lift, help, and comfort others?

Do you want you and your family to be more prepared?

I prefer a Christian view of being a “prepper” in that we do all we can do, learning all we can and following inspired counsel… and THEN put our trust in God for the rest.

Getting more prepared is a mental perspective. It’s not about fearing the worst. It’s about seeing our need to be more self-reliant so that when disaster happens (earthquake, tsunami, flooding, power outage, pandemic, economic collapse, nuclear attack, public shooter, etc.) we can move forward having faith instead of scrambling in a panic.

We recognize that these are the prophesied “last days” and there will be events happening prior to the ushering in of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Working as we can to be prepared Temporally, Intellectually, Physically and Spiritually will be like adding oil to our lamps so we are ready for that wonderful day!

This website and social media channels is a movement to work towards more gaining more self-reliance and overall preparedness to help you and your family be ready.

~Margene (Just a mom and wife trying to be ready)


  1. I need all the information I can get.

    Thank you,

  2. Shelly

    Thank you Margene for sharing all your information tonight! I will definitely put some to practice. You are a great example! 🙂


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