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4 Simple Ways to Be Prepared for a Pandemic

When a deadly sickness rapidly spreads over a whole region, country or even the world, it is called a pandemic. A pandemic is known to emerge suddenly, often without warning, and be very infectious causing it to spread expeditiously.

Pandemics have been the deadliest threats in the history of mankind and have taken the lives of more individuals than all wars and accidents combined.  Nobody can predict when a pandemic might occur.

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Quick and Mobile Rolling First Aid Kit for your Home

First_Aid_Kits-BFor years I had the same home-made First Aid Kit in a big long tackle box (pictured bottom right). I felt pretty good about it, but as time has gone on, I knew I needed to update it.  Upon looking around, I decided to also build another kit and organize it better.  When I saw this rolling cart, I knew I had to do a kit that could be mobile and hold more things.

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First Hand Lessons from Hurricane Sandy


In October of 2012, a destructive and deadly hurricane named Sandy swept across the eastern United States taking the lives of over 230 people and inflicting 68 billion dollars of damage. The most severe damage was caused in New Jersey as well as New York.

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My Amazon Favorites for Emergency Preparedness + TIPS


I’m not the most expert on coupon clipping or bargain hunting, but I have done a lot of researching and studying of products and items in the last year for preparedness.  I thought I would share what I personally have found, in the event that it is helpful for anyone else. Please also realize that the things I was researching and purchasing have been what I felt was a need for my family and our preps.  Yours might be different.

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Top 10 Natural Medicines To Have In Your Emergency Preps


If there comes a times when we are not able to get to or access a hospital or doctor; we will have to rely on our own know-how and medications for health issues. There are many things we can have on hand for times like this and even times like now. It’s a good idea to try and become more reliant on ourselves than institutions for our health care as much as possible. Learning what to store and how to use it is part of being Intellectually Prepared.

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DIY Altoids Survival Tin – For Family Bug Out Bags

DIY Altoids Survival Tin - It's not hard to make your own.

DIY Altoids Survival Tin – It’s not hard to make your own.

Ever since I saw an example of these Altoids tins used for a survival kit, I have wanted to make some.  I just LOVE these!

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Home Prep Projects: Car Emergency Kits – DONE!

Howdy prepping friends! – NOTE – this post has been RECENTLY UPDATED – Scroll to bottom for latest update. 🙂


I have several projects around the house related to getting prepared. Most projects are waiting on something:

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The Top 10 Essential Oils to Store For Emergency Preparedness

I have a friend who is very knowledgeable about essential oils.  She has been learning about them and using them for years. I consider her an expert! She shared with me the top ten oils that she recommends for keeping on hand in your emergency preps.



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